Kanatal and Dhanaulti: Getting There, Ideal Timing, and Top Tips

How To Reach, Best Time & Tips in Kanatal, Dhanaulti

There is a complete guide to know the best time to visit in Kanatal and Dhanaulti are two heart-wrenching hill stations located in the Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. These serene hill stations are filled with greenery, snow-covered mountains, and rivers, making them as peaceful as heaven.

The beauty of Kanatal and Dhanaulti will provide peace to your eyes and mind. Both Kanatal and Dhanaulti are less populated and away from the crowds of other picturesque hill stations. So, escape the city life and plan a tour to enjoy the beauty of these Kaleidoscopic mountains.

Planning a trip is never an easy task, but don’t worry, we have got everything covered in this article. We have provided the ways by which you can reach Kanatal and Dhanaulti, the best time, and some tips to keep in mind.

If you are worried about accommodations, then don’t. You can stay at the In Apple Estate in Kanatal and at Glamwood Hotels in Dhanaulti. Follow the Kanatal travel guide for more.

Overview Of Kanatal And Dhanaulti

Points Kanatal Dhanaulti
Location Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand
Distance from the nearest airport 92 km 86 km
Distance from the nearest railway station 78 km 60 km
Best time to visit April to June

September to November

April to June

September to November

Things to do Trekking, Camping, Nature Walks, Paragliding  Zip-lining, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Camping, Trekking
Snowfall time December to February December to February
Places to visit Kodia Jungle, Surkanda Devi Temple, Tehri Lake  Eco Park, Deogarh Fort, Dhanaulti Adventure Park, Dashavatar Temple
Local cuisines  Kafuli, Jhangora, Chainsoo, Mandua ki roti, Aloo Ke Gutke, Kafli Phaanu, Gahat Dal, Bhatt ki Churdkani, Kumaoni Raita, Bhang Ki Chutney, Singori

How To Reach Kanatal And Dhanaulti?

There are so many ways by which you can reach both of these serene hill stations. You would be glad to know that Kanatal and Dhanaulti are well connected by roads. Follow the Kanatal travel guide to reach your destination locations. 

By Road

From Delhi– The destinations to reach Kanatal and Dhanaulti by road are almost the same. From Delhi, take NH334 or NH44 and head towards your destination.

From Chamba, you can take the road either to Kanatal or Dhanaulti, according to your destination. You can take either a local or private bus from Kashmiri Gate ISBT, Delhi. Otherwise, you can also drive your own car.

From Dehradun- Kanatal is situated at a distance of 85 kilometers from Dehradun. You can take the Mussoorie road to reach your desired destination. From there, take the road to Dhanaulti to reach your destination.

If you continue to drive on the same road for around 15 kilometers, you can reach it easily.

From Rishikesh– To reach Kanatal and Dhanaulti from Rishikesh, you have to take the NH7 road towards Chamba. From there, take the road either to Kanatal or Dhanaulti, according to your preferred location.

By Train

The nearest railway station to both Kanatal and Dhanaulti is the Dehradun Railway Station. From there, take a taxi, hire a cab, or any bus from the railway station to either Dhanaulti or Kanatal. 

By Air

If you want to reach Kanatal and Dhanaulti by air, then take a flight to the Jolly Grant Airport. After reaching the airport, you can head to the taxi stand to book a taxi. You can also book a cab through Ola or Uber.

For a cheaper option, you can take a bus to reach your destination. Reaching Kanatal, you can book your accommodations at In Apple Estate, and in Dhanaulti, book at Glamwood Resorts.

What Are Some Tips To Keep In Mind While Visiting Kanatal And Dhanaulti?

Well, there are some important tips that you must keep in mind while traveling to Kanatal or Dhanaulti. These few tips will make your journey to these picturesque hill stations better:

  • Check Weather Forecast- Before planning your trip to either Kanatal or Dhanaulti, you must check the weather forecast beforehand. One important thing that you can’t miss is the possibility of heavy rainfall or landslides.
  • Important Documents- You must make a different file for all the important documents that you will need during your trip. Carry your Aadhar card; that would be necessary while checking. You can’t miss your driving license if you are reaching your destination by road.
  • Pack Warm clothes- Both Kanatal and Dhanaulti are situated at a higher altitude, so you would need warm clothes during the evening and winter months. Days can be warmer, but once the Sun sets, you will need warm clothes like sweaters, shawls, jackets, gloves, etc.
  • Carry Medicines– Carry necessary and basic medicines that you would need during your journey to Dhanaulti and Kanatal. If you take any particular medicines for any specific medical conditions, then don’t forget to carry them.
  • Carry Cash– It is necessary to carry some cash with you while traveling. Some places might not accept cards, and due to higher altitude, you might face a problem with online transactions. So, it would be better to take some cash to Kanatal and Dhanaulti.
  • Accommodations- Once you reach your destination, it becomes important to choose an accommodation option. For hotels in Kanatal, you can stay at In Apple Estate, with its great views from the balcony and all the amenities.

For the other destination, you can stay at our Glamwood hotels in Dhanaulti. It provides one of the best services and facilities. Also, this Dhanaulti resort is located near Dhanaulti Adventure Park.

Best Time To Visit Kanatal And Dhanaulti

The best time to enjoy any hill station is in the summer. So, you can have the best time to visit Kanatal and Dhanaulti during the summer months of April to mid of June, and also during the autumn months of September to December.

Summer Time (April to Mid June)

The best time to visit Dhanaulti and Kanatal is during the summer months of April to middle of June. This is also the best time to plan a short trip for your summer holidays and escape the scorching heat of the cities in the lap of cool mountains in either Kanatal or Dhanaulti.

From the start of April to the middle of June, the temperature ranges between 15 to 30 degrees Celsius with pleasant weather. This climatic setup makes it an ideal setting for all the adventure activities in Kanatal and Dhanaulti, like trekking, camping, rock climbing, paragliding, and many more.

Monsoon Time (July to September)

The monsoon time between July to September is not at all appropriate to plan a trip to Kanatal and Dhanaulti. Because of the high risks of heavy rainfall, landslides, and floods

So, it would be better not to risk the lives of you and your family by taking a trip to the mountains at this time of the year. Moreover, you will be unable to perform any thrilling activities during the monsoon in Kanatal and Dhanaulti.

Winter Time (November to February)

Winter is one of the best times to visit both the serene hill stations of Kanatal and Dhanaulti. You can even witness snowfall during the wintertime. At this time, you can enjoy the serene views of snow-covered mountains and valleys.

During the winter, the temperature ranges between 1 to 13 degrees Celsius. This time is best for photographers who can take their dream pictures of these Kaleidoscopic mountains and valleys. 

Best Accommodations At Kanatal

You can find many decent, budget-friendly accommodation options at Kanatal. Book a room in the lap of nature at the In Apple Estate to enjoy the breathtaking views from your balcony.

The In Apple Estate is surrounded by a dense forest of pine and deodar trees to provide peace to your mind. It is one of the best hotels in Kanatal that provides all the basic amenities you need.

The staff of In Apple Estate are always ready to give you a warm and pleasant welcome. Even if you are looking for Kanatal resorts, you can stay at our In Apple Estate.

Best Accommodations At Dhanaulti

For staying in Dhanaulti, you can book a room at one of the best hotels there. You can stay at Glenwood Hotels in Dhanaulti, located near Dhanaulti Adventure Park.

You can stay at the best resorts in Glamwood with all the important amenities. They provide clean rooms with private bathrooms and a party lawn. So, make sure you stay at Glamwood Hotels Dhanaulti to make your trip memorable.


Which Is Better Kanatal Or Dhanaulti?

Both the hill stations are unique in their own way and have a lot to offer. Kanatal and Dhanaulti are serene hill stations, perfect for spending holidays in the lap of nature.

How Many Days Are Sufficient To Visit Dhanaulti?

2-3 days are enough to visit Dhanaulti and cover all the important tourist places. So, you can plan a short trip this weekend and visit Surkanda Devi Temple, Tehri Dam, Eco Park, and Dhanaulti Adventure Park. 

Which Route Is The Best To Reach Kanatal?

The best route to reach Kanatal will be by road, where you can enjoy the breathtaking and picturesque scenes of the valleys and rivers. Either take NH44 or NH334 to reach your destination.

What Are The Best Places To Visit In Dhanaulti?

You can visit Eco Park, Dhanaulti Adventure Park, Surkanda Devi Temple, Dashavatar Temple, a potato Farm, and Deogarh Fort. These are the best and most well-known places to visit in Dhanaulti.

Where You Can Visit In Kanatal?

Kanatal has some best places to offer to visit such as Surkanda Devi Temple, Tehri Dam, Kodia Jungle, and Tehri Lake. 

Which Is The Best Time To Visit Kanatal And Dhanaulti?

The summer months, from the start of April to the middle of June, serve as the best time to visit both Kanatal and Dhanaulti. During this time, there is less chance of any natural calamities, and the days are also very pleasant.

Where Can You Stay At Dhanaulti And Kanatal?

At Kanatal, you can stay at the best hotels at the In Apple Estate. In Dhanaulti, you can book a room to stay at Glamwood Hotels and Resorts.