Most Exciting Outdoor Adventure In kanatal 

Adventure In kanatal 

Here Are Some Most Exciting Outdoor Adventures To Add A Touch Of Thrill To Your Getaway Trip!

Nestled in the mesmerizing mountain of Uttarakhand, fruit orchards and nature, Kanatal is a charming village and a hidden gem to feel the elegance of nature. 

Kanatal is gaining attraction among nature lovers and adventure explorers and enticing millions of visitors every year because of its nature and rejuvenation with some thrilling activities …!!

This magnificent place with picturesque Himalayan ranges is popular for its sky-scraping hills, heavenly landscape, tranquillity, luxurious hotel, resorts and thrilliing adventure activities. 

Planning for a trip to experience nature with a bit of thrill and adventure, here comes a town that is far from the city’s hustle and bustle!

Besides scenic natural beauty and splendid mountainous views, there are many exciting outdoor adventure activities to do in kanatal. 

A trip to kanatal is incomplete with no adventure activities such as trekking, rock climbing, thrills of valley crossing, rappelling, sightseeing, bonfires, and whatnot!!

This is what we are going to explore here…!!

In this article, we have compiled a list of the most exciting adventure activities to do in kanatal. So without wasting a fraction of a second, let’s have a quick tour!!

Top Outdoor Adventure To Do In kanatal 

A trip to kanatal will you through the enticing mountainous view and splendid valleys of Mussorie and Chamba. If you are looking for a holiday in Kanatal with tranquillity and a touch of thrill at the same time. In Apple Estate, the most eminent resort and hotel in kanatal invites you to experience the luxurious amenities in the heart of Uttarakhand and make every moment of your stay in kanatal unforgettable!

Here are some fascinating and exciting outdoor adventure activities to do in Kanatal and Uttarakhand that will bring your simple trip to life…!!

  • Trekking 

Trekking in the Kaudia Forest is one of the first and foremost adventurous things to do in kanatal. 

Blessed with lofty trees and magnificent mountainous views, Kaudia forest is popularly known for adventurous  trekking experiences and nature walks. 

This dense forest is also a heaven for photographers and wildlife lovers. Do experience the rejuvenating beauty of Kaudia forest and spot a wide range of animals and birds musk deer, Kakar, wild boar, Ghoral and so on. 

  • Rappelling And Rock Climbing 

If you are looking for a fun trip with family, friends or any corporate outing, these exciting activities in Kanatal are just super thrilling and fun. The rocky outcrops and natural hilly cliffs of Kanatal are perfect for natural rock climbing and rappelling.

Trying out climbing and rappelling is great fun and is undoubtedly a haunting experience for you. You can undertake rappelling and rock climbing on your own if you are a professional. 

Furthermore, most of the time private owners organise these exciting outdoor adventures and some are often part of a camping package so nothing to worry about pricey packages. 

  • Experience the lofty hilltop

Still, wondering what adventure activities to do in kanatal? Natural lovers and adventure travellers just love trekking in the hills to experience the spectacular and lofty hilltops with snow-capped mountains. 

Kanatal, Perched at about 8,500 ft. above sea level is a hidden treasure of nature well-known for its panoramic and captivating mountain views. 

You will be enthralled by being surrounded by snow-capped mountains and mesmerizingly green thickets. These ranges are also home to some of the best cottages in Kanatal. 

  • Valley Crossing 

Another one of the exciting things to do in kanatal is Experience the fun of crossing valleys – all thanks to the outstanding scenic valleys. 

This thrilling activity needs a lot of strength and physical fitness. However, this fun activity is performed under strict experienced professional guidance. 

In valley crossing, you are tied to a rope and pull it to cross the valley. If you are planning to do it for the first time, enjoy this one of the fun and most exciting adventure activities in Kanatal by choosing a short-distance valley crossing. 

  • Explore the nearby Attractions 

You can explore the nearby tourist attractions in kanatal. From Tehri lake to Surkanda devi temple which is just a few kilometres away from the kanatal, you can experience the spiritual vibes of the temple. Also, you can plan a quick tour to Chamba and dhanaulti for the spectacular landscape which is also a few kilometers away from the city.

  • Homestay 

While your holiday in kanatal, a homestay is one of the most prominent places to stay. 

These houses are often made up of mud and are based in rural settings. Besides you can also interact with the folks in kanatal and just relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. 

Whereas, the majority of the people are more likely to choose the classy hotel or resort in kanatal over the homestays due to inconvenience and discomfort. 

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