Kanatal is a hidden gem of Uttarakhand. Mountain getaway that feels like heaven on earth!!

Enjoy Your Life delightfully at Kanatal amidst the serene, lofty mountainous picturesque & tranquillity.

Embark on a delightful and pleasant weekend getaway to Kanatal, the location which lets you experience the picturesque beauty and magnificent mountainous view in the heart of Garhwal Himalayas.

Engage yourself in the maximized beauty of Kanatal that lets you experience a super amazing weekend getaway.

The splendid hill station in the middle of the panoramic view & valley is renowned for Apple orchids, attractive Himalayan picturesque and has gained the attraction among the nature lovers and adventure explorer, which allures millions of visitors every year.

Kanatal has become a perfect choice for a quick escape amidst the lofty hills and scenic beauty of mother nature. Summers in Kanatal witness a temperature range from 10 to 20 degrees which falls to  5-10 deg during the winter months. January and February months are freezing along with some snow-topped mountains with heavy snowfall. Located at a height of 2600 meters, Kanatal offers a mixed range of activities for ones of all age groups.

One can trek the pine forest, apple orchards trails in Kodai Jungle, Climb some rocky terrain over the mountains, adventure freak rappelling, trekking, Valley crossing, Zip-lining, adventure water sports are some choices to choose from. Habitat to wild orchids and thick vegetation, the jungle trails are blessed with amazing views of surrounding hills and valleys.

Kaudai jungle in Kanatal is also a delight for wildlife lovers and adventurers. So, Come here to explore and enjoy the elegance of nature. For those looking for experiencing the culture of this beautiful hill station of Kanatal, the adventurous places include the Surkhanda Devi Temple, Chamba which are related to God Sati. The Kanatal is one of the nearest snow destinations, occupying the main location near the neighborhood of the Chamba Mussoorie highway, the high point of the year at Kanatal appears between December & February.

The Summer temperature stays around 25 ° C, in winter 15 °C. Dazzling snowfall can be glimpsed between December to February.

Kanatal weather is delightful and gets frosty cold in winter.

 One can spend a day exploring nearby areas, mainly in winter, including Dhanaulti and Mussoorie, for picturesque sceneries and panoramic views. Don’t miss the twilight!

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Must-visit in Kanatal for an adventurous trip

Wondering what places to visit in Kanatal? Guess what, we have wonderful suggestions!

There is no dearth of fascinating and pleasing places to visit in Kanatal. Offering some of the most splendid panoramic and scenic views in the most gorgeous manner.

Kanatal is a hidden gem and of its kind hill station.

Let’s explore the list of all the magnificent places to see in Kanatal.

1. Kodia Jungle

Are you an adventure explorer and nature lover? Then, it is the perfect place for you. Kaudia Forest is an adventurous picnic spot famous for hiking in Kanatal with stunning views of the valley, lush greenery, home for wild animals, and natural springs.

2. Chamba

Chamba is situated at the bank of the Ravi River. The place has stunning mountainous views and many temples to visit. It is also renowned for its distinctive culture with dance and music.

3. New Tehri

Popularly named the ‘Queen of Hills’, Mussoorie is one of the most desirable places to visit around New Tehri. Offering magnificent views, lofty snowcapped mountains, panoramic scenic beauty of nature with the lush green valley.

4. Surkanda Devi Temple5. Dhanaulti Eco Park

Surkanda is a pilgrimage centre in the heart of Uttarakhand. This historical temple is dedicated to God Sati.

5. Dhanaulti Eco Park

Eco-park in Kanatal is the perfect destination for adventure explorers for thrilling and exciting activities. Endowed with towering & lofty hills, snowcapped peaks, and spectacular views it\’s a place for a lot of adventure sports and activities.

Hotels in Kanatal

Wondering where to stay in Kanatal? Then, Kanatal offers luxurious hotels with splendid amenities.

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Kanatal, Far From The crowd of the city, Enjoy Your Life joyfully amidst the high mountainous panoramic view & tranquillity.A hidden gem, nestled in the heart of Uttarakhand gives you an excellent, mesmerizing valley and panoramic view. Attractive forests of pine, apple orchards, deodar trees, graceful rhododendrons, tweeting birds all around, and the refreshed, rejuvenating, mountain air, travel, Wellness, adventure, dining, and hotel with modern amenities In the Apple Estate blend beautifully.